Book reading

I highly recommend the books listed below. I have most of these books in my library, some of them are available as PDF, which I have linked as best I can. Some PDF files are difficult to find, as are original copies. As was discovered with Tragedy and Hope, only the first edition was complete, further printings had omissions.

It is said that, the global media are controlled by the few, which is probably why some information is difficult to find and much is suppressed. There seems to be a big push towards, thesis and synthesis, whilst antithesis is suppressed. There is a saying in politics, you can vote for the candidate, but who chooses the candidates.

For those interested in history, I highly recommended all of these books, you will not find the information in any current publication. This is the history lesson, which is not taught. If you have difficulty finding these books, or can recommend others, please email me phil@.


For those following politics, you will understand that the book burners are back. Codeword Barbelon was removed from YouTube. I suggest you download it from Beware, it is 5GB.



Rome and civil liberty Rev James Aitken Wylie PDF

The Global VaticanFrancis Rooney PDF

Behind the Dictators LH Lehmann PDF

Ex Priest and the riddle of religion LH Lehmann

Out of the Labyrinth LH Lehmann

Soul of the priest LH Lehmann

Vatican policy in the second world war LH Lehmann

Rulers of evil Tupper Saussey PDF

The Secret History of the Jesuits Edmund Paris PDF

Convert or Die Edmund Paris PDF

The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956 an experiment in literary investigation Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn
The link to the three volume set is 70mb zipped. from 

A candid history of the Jesuits Joseph McCabe

Behold a pale horse William Cooper

The new world order Ralph Epperson

Grand deceptions Brandon Martinez

The sword and the trowel CH Spurgeon

Tragedy and hope Carroll Quigley

Pawns in the game William guy Carr

The Jewish state Theodore Hertzl

The Prague cemetery Umberto Eco

The Jews and their lies Martin Luther

History of the Persian empire Albert ten eyck Olmstead

Communist revolution in the streets Gary Allen

Richard Nixon: The man behind the mask Gary Allen

Nixons palace guard Gary Allen

None dare call it a conspiracy Gary Allen

The Rockefeller file Gary Allen

The enemy unmasked Bill Hughes

The secret terrorist Bill Hughes

The empire of the city EC Knuth

The Magic of the obelisk Peter Thompkins

The Franklin cover-up John W de Camp

The Vatican Billions Avro Manhatton

A History of the Jews Solomon Grayzel

Cardigan Of Balaclava Piers Compton

History of freedom & other essays Lord Acton

Foxe's book of martyrs Rev W Bramley-Moore

The seventh vial Rev James Aitken Wylie

History of Waldenses Rev James Aitken Wylie

The awakening of italy & crisis of rome Rev James Aitken Wylie

Popish university for ireland Rev James Aitken Wylie

The papacy history & dogma Rev James Aitken Wylie

The rise, progress and insidious jesuitism Rev James Aitken Wylie

The history of protestantism 3 vol Rev James Aitken Wylie

The history of the scottish nation 3 vol Rev James Aitken Wylie

The papacy is antichrist Rev James Aitken Wylie

The divine programme of the world's history Albert Close PDF

Romanism and the reformation Henry Grattan Guinness

All roads lead to Rome Michael De Semlyen

Foundation under attack: The roots of apostasy Michael De Semlyen

Lives of the ancient Egyptians Toby Wilkinson

Recollections of the four last popes Dr Wiseman

Two Babylons Alexander Hislop PDF

The 13th tribe Kevin Koestler

The Future in America HG Wells

Anticipations HG Wells

A dream of Armageddon HG Wells

The door in the wall HG Wells

The Crystal egg HG Wells

Anticipations HG Wells

Valley of the spiders HG Wells

The truth about pyecraft HG Wells

The stolen body HG Wells

The country of the blind HG Wells

The purple pileus  HG Wells

The cone HG Wells

In the days of the comet HG Wells

Sleeper awakes HG Wells

Invisible man HG Wells

The diamond maker HG Wells

A moonlight fable HG Wells

In the avu observatory HG Wells

The platner story HG Wells

The story of the inexperienced ghost HG Wells

The red room HG Wells

The man who could work miracles HG Wells

The star HG Wells

In the abyss HG Wells

Under the knife HG Wells

The new world set free HG Wells

Sea raiders  HG Wells

A moonlight fable (the beautiful suit) HG Wells

Little wars HG Wells

The land Ironclads HG Wells

The new Machiavelli HG Wells

1984 George Orwell Audiobook from YouTube

Animal Farm George Orwell Audiobook from YouTube

Julian, Apostate Alice Gardner

Julian, Apostate W Douglas Simpson

Rule by secrecy Jim Marrs

The rise of the fourth reich Jim Marrs

Business adventures John Brooks. Described by Bill Gates as a must read.

The Bilderberg group Daniel Estulin

Microserfs Douglas Copeland

Cadillac Desert Marc Reisner

Noblesse Oblige Nancy Mitford

The fruits of graft Wayne Jett If you look on Amazon, they are asking ridiculous prices for this book. Authors website.

Who owns Britain Kevin Cahill

The religion of masonry Joseph Fort Newton

Valley of the forgotten people George Sava

Darkness at noon Arthur Koestler

Pompeii Robert Harris

Enigma Robert Harris

The ghost Robert Harris

The fear index Robert Harris

The archangel Robert Harris

The origins of the British Stephen Oppenheimer

The tatooist of Auschwitz Heather Morris

Philip Dru: Administrator Edward Mandell House

The law Frederick Bastiat

The economics of freedom: what your professor won't tell you Relates to Bastiat theory

The Road to Serfdom Friedrich Hayek

Public opinion Walter Lippmann Audiobook from YouTube PDF

A catholic cold war Patrick J McNamara

What is to be done Nikolai Chernyshevsky I would recommend reading this before Ayn Rand.

Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand

Anthem Ayn Rand

Humans are not from earth Ellis Silver

Everything you need to know but have never been told David Icke

Wall street and the bolschevik revolution Anthony C Sutton

Confessions of an economic hit man John Perkins PDF

The federal reserve conspiracy Anthony C Sutton

Wall street and the rise of Adolf Hitler Anthony C Sutton

America's secret establishment Anthony C Sutton 

Life and opinions of Moses Hess, The Lucien memorial lecture Sir Isaiah Berlin

Propaganda Edward Bernays Audiobook from YouTube (An original copy would cost $10k, sadly I don't own a copy)
After the Jesuits went to China and found Sun Tzu, they perfected "The art of war". Propaganda founded the war of media, which was perfected by Goebbels. Link. This book should be read before reading Behind the Dictators.

The minority rules Edward Bernays

The engineering of consent Edward Bernays

The Antichrist Friedrich Nietzsche

The genealogy of morals Friedrich Nietzsche

Ecce Homo Friedrich Nietzsche

Twilight of the idols Friedrich Nietzsche

The republic Plato

secret powers and why we should not use them Manly P Hall

Freemasonry of the ancient Egyptians Manly P Hall

Proofs of a conspiracy John Robinson

A woman rides the beast Dave Hunt

The Secret History of the Oxford movement Walter Walsh

A federation for western europe W Ivor Jennings

Ordeal by planning John Jewkes

Confessions of an economic hit man John Perkins Audiobook from YouTube

Who rules the world Noam Chompsky Audiobook from YouTube

The Crowd Gustave Le Bon Audiobook from YouTube

Brave new world Aldous Huxley

Dirty Business Ovid Demaris

Brothers in blood Ovid Demaris

The life of saint Columba Apostle of Scotland Frances Alice Forbes Audiobook From YouTube PDF MP3

Utopia Thomas Moore

The Richest man in Babylon George S Clason

Tao Te Ching (the book of the way) Tzu Lao

War is a racket Maj Gen Smedley Butler

Bloodlines of the illuminati Fritz Springmeier

Think like a billionaire DJ Trump

The art of the deal DJ Trump

Never give up DJ Trump

Think big and kick ass DJ Trump

Time to get tough DJ Trump

Good to great Jim Collins

Rich dad poor dad Robert Kiyosaki


Sermons from our ancestors, can sometimes give us a picture of, what was important to them.

The rejection through the centuries of the old orthodoxy by influential Arminians such as Archbishop Laud, John Wesley, Charles Finney paved the way for the successes of the counter-reformation and the ecumenical acceptance of the old spiritual enemy, the Church of Rome. (Michael De Semlyen). The Synagogue of Satan.


Receiving the holy ghost Charles Spurgeon

Sermon 1 Salvation by faith John Wesley (Sermons)

Sermon 2 The almost Christian John Wesley (Sermons)

Sermon 3 Awake thou that sleepest John Wesley (Sermons)

Sermon 4 Scriptural Christianity John Wesley (Sermons)

Sermon 5 Justification by faith John Wesley (Sermons)

Sermon 6 The righteousness of faith John Wesley (Sermons)

Sermon 7 The way of the kingdom John Wesley (Sermons)

Sermon 8 The first fruits of the kingdom John Wesley (Sermons)

As an amateur historian, and an avid reader. Nothing brings more pleasure than finding an original classic. constant perusal of small book stores can yield interesting books. In an age where information is either being restricted or tampered with, finding the original text, can be a joyful experience.

Many of my finds, are first edition or sometimes, second printing of the first edition. Which is important, because, in the case of Tragedy and hope, the original plates were destroyed. Link

One such book, Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits by James W. Reites, S.J. After
reading the book, I decided to research it, only to find the journal has been in print since 1969. The first volume was written by John R Sheets S.J. Furthermore, the journals are listed here Vol: 51 No1 being the last one listed, at the time of writing this. I decided to take the time to download each copy. I zipped the journals which can be downloaded here (830mb).