A few projects to view

The fly press table

Table finished. I have three tote bins on one side, and storage for mig wire the other. I fitted a small vice and pipe vice and welded a socket for the creasing iron, which sits next to the 20kg Becma anvil.

Belt Grinder

The design is from Jeremy Schmidt, his plans are for sale on his website. I like the idea of being able to use it vertical or horizontal. His video of the build is here. Although the measurements are in Imperial (American), I used a mix of both. For the threads, I used M10 for the hinges, as this was as close to 3/8 as I had available.

I bought the tracking wheel and drive wheel from Origin Blade Maker. They sell on eBay from the USA, I could not find a UK supplier.


The first cuts, for the hinge brackets. I used a 15mm steel bar, left off another project. And some 10mm steel plate that I had lying round.
The tubing will be made out of 10mm flat bar with the arms made from 50mm square bar.

After a couple of test runs, on a different project I settled for 105 amps for the 3.2mm arc rod. 10mm steel flat bar was used. I doubt if a coded welder would be happy, but for this project, I am quite pleased with the result.

Steel tubes: I cut the flat bar, bottom and top is 60mm x10mm and the sides are 50mm x 10mm. The off cuts will be retained, as maybe needed later. The easiest option would have been, to buy square tubing, but the square tubing is not square, as the corners are round. By doing it this way, the square bar "should" be a better fit. The square bar is 50mm in diameter and one metre long.

Tube 1 is 415mm and tube 2 is 360mm.

The steel is cut, drilled and tapped (M8) where required. I opted to drill and tap both ends of the RH side and bottom tubes.  For the top, I drilled a pilot hole, just in case I may require a tapped hole at a later stage.

The only thing required, is to clean and clamp the steel, and insert shims.

The plans call for a torsion spring. A broken piece of coil spring (found in the gutter) and a creasing iron, I have forged the torsion spring. One thing that attracted me to forging, was repurposing steel. The process takes time, and eventually the desired diameter is achieved.

Metal brake

 I made this from 10mm steel angle which I was given to me at work. This hinges are from a steel fire door which I was given. The arch was broken at the ends, found in a skip at work. I added a piece of 5mm flat bar and 40mm channel, which was lying round the workshop.

Nearly there. It folds up nice and square. I just need to sort a spring mechanism, that will release the bridge.
As the saying goes, the best way to good welds, is with a grinder and paint.