The John Galt Project.



  I am sure that you are all aware of John Galt but, for those unfamiliar, here is my interpretation.

So John Galt is the fictional character from Rands Atlas Shrugged.  The book is much better than the movie.  My take on this story is one where the productive people leave society and either, go it alone or setup small communities and unplug from the Matrix.

Since I was a young child, I have always had interests in the outdoors, metal work, woodwork and self sufficiency.  My dream of buying a piece of land and planting a tree, I have surpassed many times.

With the exception of a few years, I have always tried to live a frugal life.  As my children grew up, I became concerned that the books that I had read, about a dystopian future, were actually proving to be correct.

Many people talk of 1984, but I challenge you to read the Scientific Outlook by, Bertrand Russel and Battle Hymn by Dane Phillips and John Scura.  There are many more listed in my books section.  Unfortunately, people don't read.  With the exception of a few hard to find titles, I have most of these books in my library.  Those that I do not possess, I have the pdf.  Some books I managed to get a copy of the audiobook, which can be helpful, when travelling.

So how to unplug from this dystopian world.  The oncoming digital currency and plandemics are a huge threat, but what else lurks below.

We have seen a massive threat to the supply chain since 2019.  The threat of global warning has been used by the oligarchy, to their benefit.  Let's face it, they won't give up their Bugatti, private jet, private yacht nor their private island.  So the burden of fixing the planet, is going to be funded by the little guy.

The oligarchy want everyone (except themselves) to live in tenement blocks.  They have planned to build Megacities where people can be corralled, they have the technology to see and hear everything you do and, follow your every move.  As has been seen in China.  Social credit score, making "wrongthink" illegal, with severe punishment.

The introduction of a digital currency could restrict what you are allowed to purchase.  The Crypto bugs are under the illusion that they can become their own bank.  What happens when the internet is turned off, or the Oligarchs decide to switch the nodes off, that connect the Crypto network.  Turning the internet off is already in the Patriot act for USA citizens.  I bet every Government has the same legislature in their legal system.  Rishi Sunak has already discussed the UK going digital. The big drive for US citizens to be disarmed, is the last step, as with other countries.  "They" don't want you to have the ability to protect yourselves and, the snowflakes have swallowed the narrative.  Just like eating meat, the Vegans have worked their way into powerful positions.  The war on meat eaters is well underway.  The food produced by the corporations, will be all that you can buy.  Large tracts of farmland has been bought by the super rich to produce GMO foods. Rewilding the planet will be the next phase, the next buzzword funded by the usual suspects.  I could go deeper into this subject, but I don't want my server taken down.


  So, as Tchernuishevsky once said "What is to be done".

So the world I envision for the future, is a mix of books that I have read and movies that I have watched.  The book of Eli paints a picture for the way life could be in rural parts of the world.  Elysium could be the new Megacity, where the Oligarchy controls everything.  Then there are two books written by James Kunstler, A world made by hand and the long emergency.

The thoughts that I had were predominantly based on what will I do for retirement too.  I want the good life, those old enough will understand. But it is basically a self sufficient lifestyle.  Not just with food, but an environment where everything could be made and repaired, without outside help.

2008 was a warning sign for me.  It was also followed by some poor health.  It was time to rethink, what direction I was heading and, how achievable were my goals.  I started by looking at my skillset and looking where I could improve.  I also made a list of skills that I would like to acquire.  Once I had worked this out I looked at the tools that I had.  I have always had a reasonable amount of tools, but for what I had planned, I was seriously lacking in many departments.

I built a small workshop and started acquiring tools for working with wood and metal.  I have two tractors and I am working on acquiring enough implements to make life easier.

I have started adding some projects to the main page and will continue as time permits.