Currently the lighting for the workshop is run off a 12 volt battery with LED lighting. The future plan is to run off a generator 400v three phase and a 240 volt single phase. The lighting system will still be 12 volt, I have plans to upgrade to solar charging, with more batteries.

PTO Generator:

My longer term plan is to have the facility to run the workshop off a generator. Although I sold my tractor, due to gearbox problems, I will be replacing it with something like a Ford 2000, or similar. My ideal tractor will be a three cylinder machine as this will be easier to rebuild, should the need arise.

So I picked this PTO generator up, from the estate of a deceased dairy farmer. I was told that it was for backup purposes and had hardly been used. It is a thirteen KVA three phase unit and I should have no difficulty running single phase from it too.

These rarely come on the market and I have not seen one since. Any tractor with more than 20hp should cope with this easily.

The unit has been kept dry since new. Quite a find IMO.